Hearing Aid Styles

Styles of hearing aids available in Portland are named based on where they sit in relation to your ear. They include:


completely in canal Hearing Aids Portland OR

CIC (Completely In the Canal) – Custom molded to fit inside the ear canal, these hearing aids are virtually invisible to others. They are less likely to pick up wind noise, but their small size means they lack extra features, and batteries don’t last as long. Helpful for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

IN-THE-CANAL Hearing Aids (ITC)

In the Canal Hearing Aids Portland OR

ITC (In The Canal) – Similar to a CIC unit, these hearing aids fit partly in the ear canal, but not as deeply. They include features not found on the smaller CIC hearing aids, but they may be difficult to adjust, and might not be a good fit for people with smaller ears. Good for mild to moderate hearing loss Portland.


Receiver in the ear Hearing Aids Portland OR

RITE (Receiver In The Ear) – A larger version of the ITC hearing aid, RITE hearing aids portland are custom molded and fit in the bowl-shaped portion of the outer ear. They include extra features such as volume control and directional microphones, and their larger size makes them easier to handle. For those with mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

IN-THE-EAR Hearing Aids (ITE)

ITE Hearing Aids Portland OR

ITE (In The Ear) – ITE (In The Ear) – ITE hearing aids are custom molded and placed in the bowl-shaped area of your outer ear. They are a little bit larger, making them more visible to others, but are easier to insert and remove, and include features such as easy-to-adjust volume control and larger batteries, which last longer and are easier to handle. ITE units are ideal for those with mild to severe hearing loss.


BTE Hearing Aids Portland OR

Behind The Ear (BTE) – BTE hearing aids hook over the top of your ear, and a small plastic case rests behind the ear. This is connected with clear tubing to an ear mold that fits inside your ear canal. These are the largest and most visible hearing aids, but also the easiest to use, and are especially popular with children. For all types of hearing loss.

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