Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a common problem in the U.S. Approximately 38 million people – about 1 in 5 – experiences hearing impairment. It affects those young and old, and can be attributed to a number of different factors. If you have hearing loss in Portland, PDX ENT has solutions to help you communicate more effectively.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss Portland, OR

Hearing Loss Treatment Portland ORNot everybody with hearing loss is aware of his or her condition. Because it usually develops gradually, individuals tend to become accustomed to diminished hearing. Studies show it takes the average person seven years from the onset of hearing loss before they seek treatment. By paying attention to the signs, the condition can be treated sooner – improving the chances of long-term success. Solutions for treating hearing loss in Portland will depend upon the type and severity of your impairment.

Symptoms of hearing loss include:

  • When others speak, their speech sounds muffled, distorted or unclear
  • You find it necessary to ask others to repeat what they have said often
  • You have trouble understanding speech over background noise
  • You watch television or listen to the radio with the volume turned up to levels others find uncomfortable
  • You avoid going out with friends because following conversations proves to be stressful

Individuals with hearing loss in Portland may avoid dining out, grabbing drinks, visiting the city’s parks or any number of social activities simply because doing so tires them out.

What Causes Hearing Loss & How is it Treated in Portland, OR?

Causes of hearing loss in Portland vary. Aging and excess noise exposure are most common, but a wide range of conditions can be responsible. Some are treatable; impacted earwax, foreign objects or excess fluid in the ears, viral diseases and ear infections are usually correctable with medications or simple surgical procedures. When the cause is related to a more serious condition such as Meniere’s disease, otosclerosis, trauma, an autoimmune disorder, heart disease or diabetes, the odds of “curing” the impairment drop significantly. Most patients with hearing loss will benefit from hearing aids in Portland.

If you think of hearing aids as large, ugly and uncomfortable, rest assured that advances in technology have led to a new generation of hearing aids that are considerably smaller and sleeker than their predecessors. Along with improved comfort, they feature better sound quality and clarity and come with a variety of options unavailable just a few years ago. If you are seeking hearing aids in Portland, you’ll find advanced features such as directional microphones, feedback cancellation, automatic adjustments, customized programming and wireless connectivity for pairing your instruments with a cell phone, television, personal music player or other electronic device.

When shopping for hearing aids Portland, you’ll need to take into consideration a number of important factors. Type and degree of hearing loss, physical characteristics of your ear canals, comfort, cosmetic preference, manual dexterity, lifestyle needs and budget should all factor into your decision prior to making a purchase.