Custom Earmolds

Hearing aids are not one size fits all, so your audiologist will likely use custom earmolds to create your new hearing devices.

Custom earmolds allow your audiologist to create perfectly fitting hearing devices that are personalized just for your ears.

Many people have questions about custom earmolds. Take a look at these helpful answers to find out more about why custom earmolds are the best option for many hearing device and treatment options.

How does an audiologist make custom earmolds?

Custom earmolds are made from silicone, so creating them is a fast, easy, precise and mess-free process. After your doctor makes a mold of your ear, it is sent out to a manufacturer in order to create a customized version of the hearing device you have selected.

What part of my ear do custom earmolds fit?

When you are fitted with custom earmolds, your audiologist will take an impression of your outer ears, ear canals and middle ears. This way, your hearing device will precisely fit in, on and around your ear.

What are custom earmolds used for?

Custom earmolds aren’t just for making hearing aids. They are also commonly used to make personalized earplugs, earbuds, Bluetooth headsets and more!

Should my hearing aids be made from custom earmolds?

Yes. In the past, hearing aids were just available by size, resulting in ill-fitting and uncomfortable hearing devices. Hearing aids need to fit precisely in order for them to work their best and be snug and easy to wear, especially for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Would I benefit from earplugs created from custom earmolds?

Personalized earplugs are a popular option for those prone to ear infections; those who live, work or recreate in loud environments; swimmers; and many others. Custom earbuds are also popular for people who regularly listen to music or other things through headphones.

If you think you would benefit from a product made from a custom earmold, talk to your audiologist at PDX ENT & Audiology about how to get started on your very own personalized hearing products.