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The Importance of Hearing Aids

Are you one of the nearly 48 million people in Portland, Oregon or throughout the country with hearing loss? If so, are you one of the nearly 80 percent who choose not to use their hearing aid? I thought so. … Continue reading

The Benefits of Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is extremely common; in fact, there are 48 million people in Oregon and throughout the country suffering from it right now. What’s even more surprising than this large number is the amount of these individuals that are not … Continue reading

Ready for Movie Season? Get in the Loop

Thieves broke into the local movie theater and stole $240. They took a bag of popcorn and a large drink. I kid. Who doesn’t love going to the movie theater on a dreary Portland day? While most of us would … Continue reading

The Big Hearing Aid Misconception

There are 48 million individuals in Portland and throughout the United States who suffer from hearing loss. Of those, 80 percent don’t use a hearing aid. While we are not sure why so many people would simply turn their back … Continue reading