Custom Earmolds Part 2: Musician’s Earmolds

Musicians have consistently higher rates of hearing loss and tinnitus than other Portland residents. In fact, Portland musicians are around four times as likely to develop hearing loss than non-musicians. Along with this alarming statistic about hearing loss, Portland musicians’ risk of developing tinnitus is about 60% above average. This means top-quality hearing protection is vital for every musician. While noise protection earplugs are a good option for protecting yourself from hearing loss, Portland’s professional music-makers often opt for musician’s monitors, which are special custom earmolds designed specifically for the music industry.

Custom musician’s earmolds:

  1. Function as earplugs by blocking out loud sounds from your surroundings, thus reducing the chance of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and tinnitus.
  2. Perform as earbuds by delivering sound monitoring feedback directly to your ears at a safe volume while preserving outstanding sound quality.

Portland musicians are constantly surrounded by extremely loud sounds created by drums, speakers and audience members. This is why musician’s monitors should always be custom-made for your ears. Musician’s monitors made for you individually offer:

  • Top-notch, long-lasting comfort
  • Complete protection from loud noises surrounding you
  • Top-quality sound delivery
  • Feedback you can hear at a safe volume

Musician monitors have two parts. The first is the component worn in your ear, which is made of a silicone noise-blocking mold, and contains a speaker and receiver. The in-ear component receives signals from other part—the transmitter—which is usually placed center-stage or worn by a band’s vocalist. One transmitter is able to send feedback to one or several receivers, so all your band members can all hear the same feedback through custom musician’s earplugs.

Discover how musician’s earmolds can help protect your ears from hearing loss by calling Portland’s hearing loss experts at PDX ENT & Audiology Medical Group today!