Custom Earmolds Part 4: Swimmer’s Plugs

Swim plugs are personally crafted earplugs made using waterproof silicone. These earplugs create a tight, snug and comfortable seal while preventing water from entering your ear canals. Swim plugs can be made for Portland patients of any age, though they’re really popular for kids prone to ear infections. Swim plugs aren’t just for swimming—they’re great for all types of activities in or near the water, from daily showers to an adventurous jet-ski trip.

Some examples of activities where our patients use custom swim plugs include:

  • Boating
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Rafting
  • Paddle boarding
  • Waterskiing
  • Swimming in pools, lakes, rivers and the ocean
  • Bathing or showering
  • Appointments at hair salons, tanning salons, spas, float tanks
  • Attending waterparks or attractions with water rides
  • Joining in water aerobics classes

Custom swim plugs are the best way to protect our Portland patients from many potentially serious problems related to the auditory system and hearing loss. This includes ear infections, swimmer’s ear and surfer’s ear.

Chronic ear infections are a serious problem for many Portland patients and people across the country. In fact, ear infections cause about 25 million annual trips to doctor’s offices in America. Portland patients of all ages can suffer from ear infections, though children are at the highest risk for ear infections and related hearing loss. Portland children, in fact, have nearly a 100% chance of suffering from at least one ear infection by age 5. About 4 in 5 get their first ear infection by age 3.

If you need the very best in ear protection while you or your child is having fun in the water this summer, consider the many benefits of custom swimmer’s earplugs. These plugs are the best way to protect the people of Portland from hearing loss, ear infections and other common conditions caused by water in the ear canal. If you’re interested in getting custom-made swim plugs, schedule an appointment at PDX ENT & Audiology today!