Hearing Aids = Happiness

One surprising side effect of hearing loss is depression. Studies show an increase in stress, anxiety and social isolation in hearing impaired individuals. This, in turn, leads to depression. However, those who treat their hearing loss with hearing aids report a corresponding improvement in their overall attitude and wellbeing.

In one study conducted by the Better Hearing Institute, out of a group of 2,000 hearing loss patients who use hearing aids, 82 percent indicated they would recommend hearing aids to their friends and 70 percent reported improvements in their ability to communicate. Of that group, four out of five were satisfied with their solution. Respondents also indicated improvements in their sense of humor, self-confidence, sense of safety, independence, personal and work relationships, and mental, emotional and physical health.

happy couple hearing aids portland

“This survey clearly reveals how dramatically people’s lives can improve with the use of hearing devices,” says BHI Executive Director Sergei Kochkin, Ph.D. “In this comprehensive study…we looked at 14 specific quality of life issues and found today’s hearing devices are a tremendous asset to people with even mild hearing loss who want to remain active and socially engaged throughout their lives.”

Additional studies yield similar results. Overall, two-thirds of hearing aid users believe their quality of life is either “better” or “a lot better.” Results such as these clearly indicate hearing aids represent a clear solution to the draining feelings patients with hearing loss experience. The positive responses can be attributed to changing technology that has led to smaller and less visible hearing aids, resulting in a decrease in the societal stigma wearing them used to bring.

If you wear hearing aids in Portland, chances are you’re a lot happier because of them!