Hearing Aids: Protecting Your Investment

Hearing aids offer immeasurable benefit to individuals with hearing loss. They also represent a major investment. Care should be taken to ensure they provide years of service. By following a few important tips, you can help protect your investment and extend their life.

Hearing Aids: Protecting Your InvestmentTip 1: Be aware of the temperature. Avoid exposing your hearing aids to excessive heat and cold. Do not leave them in your car during hot summer or cold winter months. Be sure to remove them prior to using a hair dryer. Humidity and hearing aids do not mix; if you live in a humid environment, purchase a hearing aid dehumidifier.

Tip 2: Avoid moisture and water. Moisture can damage your hearing aids. Use an umbrella or hooded raincoat when it’s raining to help protect them. Make sure your hair and ears are completely dry before inserting your hearing aids. Remove them if you are at the hairdresser or barber. At night, remove them and open the casing door to allow air to ventilate the interior.

Tip 3: Avoid shock and vibration. When changing the battery, hold your hearing aids over a cushioned surface in case they slip from your hands. Store your hearing aids in the cushioned case they came in. To avoid accidents, sit down when inserting or removing your hearing aids.

Tip 4: Regularly clean the outer shell of your