How Today’s Technologies Are Improving Hearing Aids

Hearing aids of the past caused many problems for patients in Portland with hearing loss. Analog technology led to many limitations in performance and amplification, leaving those with hearing loss struggling to hear in many situations. Today’s technologies offer solutions to many of these struggles using simple settings and fast-working features that are built in to many devices. Here’s a look at some of the latest innovations in digital hearing aid technology for Portland hearing loss patients.

Wind-Noise Management

Portland isn’t known as a windy city, but even a sight breeze used to be a problem for hearing aid wearers. Whether you’re walking through the city streets or out enjoying a hike in Forest Park, you don’t want wind noise to get in the way of your communications. Many hearing aids today offer a built-in wind-noise management feature that controls wind’s effects on your devices’ microphones. This feature is a great option for anyone who spends time outdoors hiking, biking, jogging, walking, golfing, fishing or enjoying other activities.

Feedback Control

Hearing aids with built-in feedback control can automatically monitor for, assess and eliminate the feedback sounds commonly associated with hearing aids. Feedback programming allows your hearing aids to identify unwanted sounds before they ever enter your ears. This means the end of the annoying whistling commonly associated with older models of hearing aids.

Background Noise Control

In the past, those in Portland with hearing aids commonly struggled to hear in situations with background noise. Background noise can happen anywhere and can be as minor as the sounds of a washing and as major as the hum of dozens of conversations in a restaurant. Today’s hearing aids use directional microphones and special programming to reduce background noise by identifying and amplifying only the main sounds in any situation. Old hearing aids didn’t have the ability to make this distinction, resulting in all sounds being amplified.

These are just a few of the many technologies that have improved the functionality of hearing aids for Portland patients. If you want to learn more about how today’s new models of digital hearing aids can improve your communications, talk to a hearing loss healthcare provider at PDX ENT & Audiology Medical Group!