Should You Upgrade Your Hearing Aid?

Hanging onto old things is just our nature; you never know when you might need a piece of string! You don’t want to be the chump who has to buy a whole new spool. But, what if I told you that brand new string is better and stronger than that old piece you have been using time and time again? This is exactly how you should think about your hearing aids. Sure, the ones you have had since the start of the new millennium are technically working, but they are nowhere near as good as the ones currently on the market.

hearing aid technology

If you have not upgraded your hearing aid in the last three to five years, now is the time. For those in Portland with hearing loss, your hearing aids are your gateway to the world. They enhance your ability to communicate effectively and can improve your overall quality of life.

Benefits of Upgraded Hearing Aids

Newer devices contain features like Bluetooth® compatibility for added versatility and ease of use. They are also more compact and comfortable than ever before. Adaptive dual microphones offer outstanding directionality and sound localization, and advanced digital sound processing and ear-to-ear internal communications allow the devices to make automatic adjustments based on the environment.

Today’s modern devices are able to analyze the type of sound being received and use advanced algorithms to accurately apply and balance amplification. Important sounds are amplified, and background noise becomes more manageable. This makes it easier for you to understand speech in noisy environments, substantially reduces feedback and creates a more natural listening experience overall.

Does that sound like anything your current hearing aids can do? Probably not. If you are interested in seeing how a new hearing aid can change your listening lifestyle, contact your Portland audiologist at PDX ENT. They will work you through every step of the hearing aid selection process, thus ensuring you get the best hearing aid for your type and degree of hearing loss.