Hearing Aid Tips

Hearing aids represent a major investment in your hearing health.

While they are sure to improve your communication abilities, they do take some getting used to initially. The following tips can help you adjust to wearing hearing aids on a daily basis and improve your ability to successfully treat your hearing loss.

  • Care for your hearing devices. Along with daily cleaning and regularly replacing your wax filters, it’s important to keep your hearing aids dry and away from extreme heat and cold. These rules will help extend the life of your hearing devices and maximize their functionality and value.
  • Adjust the volume. As a new hearing device user, it will take time to learn the settings that most improve your hearing in various situations. Typically, you can rely on today’s technology to make volume adjustments for you. If you manually set the volume, take care to not turn it too high; loud noise can further damage your hearing.
  • Take time to adjust. Hearing aids of every style take time to get used to, but taking advantage of your adjustment period is key to long-term hearing device success. If your hearing aids feel foreign or uncomfortable, try adjusting rather than removing them, giving yourself time to acclimate to your new equipment.
  • Participate in discussions. For the first few weeks, you may be so busy worrying about your hearing aids’ volume and functionality that you become distracted from conversations. Rather than focusing on your hearing devices, spend time actively participating in discussions and conversations, which will help you naturally and smoothly adapt to wearing hearing aids.
  • Move to improve your hearing. Public spaces and events such as movie theaters, religious services, plays and lectures are often challenging for those who are hard of hearing. While sitting right in front may have been the best bet before you began using hearing aids, your new devices will affect the acoustics in many of these situations. Try out different spots within a venue as you adjust to your hearing aids to find the best location for your hearing needs.
    • Along with these tips, there are plenty of other ways to make the experience with your new hearing devices more successful. To find out more, talk to your doctor at PDX ENT & Audiology about your personalized hearing needs.