Bluetooth Technology & Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have come a long way over the years. Today’s digital instruments are available with a variety of features and options to enhance communication and help restore your quality of life. One of the most popular features patients who wear hearing aids in Portland look for is wireless connectivity. The ability to pair electronic devices with their hearing aids is made possible by Bluetooth technology.

bluetooth and hearing aids

Bluetooth is a wireless communication platform that utilizes high frequency radio waves to transfer data between two or more electronic devices. An increasing number of products are Bluetooth-compatible; some of the more common devices include mobile phones, MP3 players, computers, tablets and televisions. Pairing these devices with hearing aids gives patients versatility and convenience, and enables them to stay better connected.

The typical hearing aid battery is too small to generate the power required by Bluetooth technology. To get around this, manufacturers have developed streamers – assistive listening devices that function as a go-between allowing for two-way communication between the hearing aid and electronic device.

There are several benefits to purchasing a Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid. Audio signals can be streamed to one or both hearing aids, improving the ability to hear other sounds in the listening environment – especially useful for making telephone calls. Music lovers can use their hearing aids as wireless ear buds, streaming music directly from their MP3 players. Connecting multiple devices to the streamer enables the user to easily switch between them. And many streamers function as remote controls, allowing the user to adjust volume levels and other controls easily.