Coping With Hearing Loss

coping with hearing loss

Helping Loved Ones Cope with Hearing Loss

Individuals with hearing loss aren’t the only ones who suffer. Their family and friends must also deal with the consequences. It can be especially difficult and frustrating for spouses, who must contend with a lack of communication. If your loved one is dealing with hearing loss, there are steps you can take to help him or her cope.

When your spouse suffers from hearing loss, it’s natural for tensions to run high. You may be angry if you are constantly repeating yourself or dealing with volume levels from the TV or radio that are uncomfortably high. You’re likely contending with a reduction in social activities, limiting your dining and entertainment options. In these situations, it’s easy for resentment to build. In many cases, this leads to decreased intimacy and puts a strain on the marriage.

If your spouse is suffering from hearing loss in Portland, there are coping strategies available that can lead to improved understanding…and might just save your relationship! Try the following communication tips.

  • Be patient. Remember, it’s not your spouse’s fault that he or she is unable to hear clearly.
  • Speak slowly and concisely. Refrain from shouting, and pause between sentences to ensure what you have said is understood. Before beginning a conversation, make sure you have your spouse’s attention.
  • Position yourself close to your spouse in crowded or noisy settings. Make sure he or she is able to focus on your lips and pick up other important visual cues. This will decrease stress and should enable you to enjoy time away from home more frequently.
  • Enroll in joint counseling sessions. These provide important educational opportunities to help you understand what your spouse is going through – and vice-versa.
  • Encourage your spouse to wear his or her hearing aids. Studies show a direct correlation between hearing aid use and relationship satisfaction.