Finding The Perfect Fit: Hearing Aid Selection is an Art

Hearing Aid SelectionHearing aids cost anywhere from $2000 – $7000 a pair, on average. You may be wondering whether there is anything wrong with less expensive devices. The surprising answer is, even budget hearing aids might be the perfect choice for your hearing loss. The best way to find out which hearing aids will suit your hearing lifestyle best is to meet with an audiologist who has received extensive training, and understands the art and science involved in selecting and fitting hearing aids.

Advances in technology have led to a new generation of digital hearing aids with many features to choose from. These added features provide additional benefits, but also drive up the cost of hearing aids. Depending upon your unique requirements, more isn’t necessarily better.

Take your lifestyle, for instance. If you are active, exposed to a variety of noisy environments and don’t want to bother with constantly adjusting the volume, you’ll benefit from hearing aids that include advanced features such as directional microphones and automatic adjustments. On the other hand, if you lead a quieter life and don’t mind making manual adjustments when needed, a more economical hearing aid might be perfect for you.

An audiologist is most qualified to match your needs with the appropriate technology, and fitting your hearing aids so they will provide the maximum possible benefit. He or she will take into account several different criteria including your lifestyle needs, level of hearing loss, the physical characteristics of your ear canals, your cosmetic preferences and your budget. By taking the time to understand your lifestyle and determine what is important to you, your audiologist will ensure you receive hearing aids that are ideal for your needs.