Hearing Loss: Fact or Fiction

Hearing Loss: Fact or Fiction?

Hearing Loss: Fact or Fiction?

Hearing loss is an extremely common health problem across America, but most people know very little about their sense of hearing. The Portland hearing loss doctors at PDX ENT & Audiology Medical Group often encounter patients who have been living with major misperceptions about hearing. Take a look at these fun facts and familiar bits of fiction about hearing loss, hearing aids and hearing health to get to know more about your ears and how they hear!

Hearing loss only affects old people — Fiction

While hearing loss in Portland residents is most prominent amongst those 65 and older, hearing loss truly does affect people of all ages. Amongst each age group, hearing loss affects: 33% of seniors over 65, 30% of adults over 60, 15% of adults 41–59, 7% of people 29–40 and 2% of children under 18. Everyone should get their hearing checked by an audiologist once every few years to catch signs of hearing loss before they worsen.

You hear with your brain, not your ears — Fact

Ears are the vessels that carry and transmit sound waves to the brain. While your brain needs your ears to translate sounds into vibrations that the brain can understand, Portland hearing loss doctors actually have the technology to surpass the ear altogether, allowing people with profound hearing loss to regain their hearing. This concept is the basis for cochlear implants and Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA).

Hearing tests are for people with bad hearing — Fiction

While an estimated 36 million people in the U.S. suffer from hearing loss, only about 1 in 5 actually get the treatment they need. This is because many people with hearing loss don’t realize they have a problem until it is very advanced. Hearing loss often develops gradually, making identifying the problem more difficult. Regardless of age, everyone should get regular hearing checks every few years. Portland hearing loss doctors also recommend annual hearing evaluations for anyone over the age of 50.

Cases of hearing loss have doubled in three decades — Fact

Noise-induced hearing loss has become a major problem due to the development of new equipment, technology and machinery in the past few decades. Because the world has become louder, people of all ages are exposed to sounds at a dangerous decibel level with increasing frequency. Portland hearing loss doctors believe the sudden boom in cases of hearing loss, which have doubled since the early 1990s, can be blamed on exposure to loud sounds. Today, 25% of all hearing loss is noise-induced.

As these important facts and myths reveal, hearing loss should be a serious concern for everyone. That’s why visiting a Portland hearing loss doctor for regular evaluations and care is vital to your overall health. If you think it’s time to get a hearing assessment for yourself or a loved one, call the friendly staff at PDX ENT & Audiology Medical Group today.