Lyric: The First Extended-Wear Hearing Aid

If you have hearing loss in Portland and are looking for a device that is easy to use, requires no maintenance and can be worn continuously for up to four months, consider Lyric. This is the industry’s first extended-wear hearing aid. There are no batteries to replace, it does not need to be cleaned, and it’s safe for use during your normal, everyday activities. Even when you’re working out, showering, sleeping or talking on the phone, Lyric can stay in place.

Lyric Hearing Aids Portland

Lyric is inserted deep in the ear canal, in close proximity to the eardrum. This placement reduces or eliminates feedback and the “occlusion effect” – a hollow, echoing sensation common to hearing aid users. The Lyric device remains firmly (but comfortably) in place thanks to soft foam seals that conform to the shape of the individual user’s ears, and utilizes the natural anatomy of the outer ear to channel sound into the ear canals. A majority of users describe sound quality of the Lyric device as “very natural.”

Unlike traditional hearing aids, Lyric isn’t purchased outright – patients buy a subscription for the device, generally for a one-year period, and when a replacement is due, simply visit their audiologist to have a new instrument inserted.

If you wear hearing aids in Portland and want to learn more about Lyric, talk to the staff at PDX ENT to learn if this device is right for you!