Portland Hearing Specialists

Do You Need a Hearing Specialist in Portland, OR?

  Hearing loss develops gradually, and many people aren’t even aware of a problem until their hearing impairment has advanced beyond an easily treatable stage. This problem is easily avoidable simply by treating your ears with the same care and attention you give to your eyes, teeth and overall physical health. Much like routine vision exams, regular exams by an OR hearing loss specialist is an excellent first line of defense.  

The Benefits of Having a Portland Hearing Specialist

Early detection increases the odds of successful treatment for all types of hearing loss. In many cases, the only way to determine if your hearing is healthy is to visit a hearing loss specialist or audiologist for testing. Regular hearing exams can help your hearing loss specialist identify a problem with your hearing in its early stages. This allows hearing specialists to offer treatment solutions to those who might otherwise experience the debilitating social and emotional effects caused hearing loss. Confusion, depression, anxiety and social withdrawal are all common in Portlanders with untreated hearing loss.   Whether you’re young or old, sick or healthy, on your own or raising a family, it’s important to find a hearing specialist near your Portland home who you can trust. By establishing a relationship with a hearing loss specialist, you can rest assured that your hearing healthcare will stay up-to-date and always on schedule. Plus, it’s great to have a place to turn anytime you have questions or concerns about your hearing health!  

How Often Should Children See a Hearing Loss Specialist in OR?

  The ideal hearing healthcare routine varies depending on age. Most newborns are screened at birth, but these tests aren’t always effective at detecting a hearing problem. Along with testing at birth, toddlers should see a Portland hearing specialist at age one, three and five. Hearing plays a crucial role in a child’s language and social skills development. Catching a problem early provides an opportunity to treat the condition sooner rather than later, allowing the child to develop at a normal rate alongside his or her peers. After kindergarten, hearing specialists recommend Portland children get a hearing exam every other year until they reach their teens.  

How Often Should Teens and Young Adults Get Tested by a Hearing Specialist?

Portland teens and adults should get their auditory system examined by a hearing loss specialist every 3–5 years until they reach age 50. Studies show that hearing loss is affecting younger and younger people all the time, thanks in large part to the explosion in popularity of MP3 players and other personal listening devices, which often require the use of headphones or earbuds. Together, these are a dangerous combination when music is played at excessive volume levels. Seeing your hearing specialist in Portland regularly offers the opportunity for early detection as well as continued education about proper hearing protection practices.   Are you ready to get to know a Portland, OR hearing specialist? Don’t delay—find a convenient clinic close to home and schedule a quick, painless exam with a hearing loss specialist today. It’s never too soon to get started on the road to healthy hearing and a happy life.