ReSound LiNX

ReSound LiNX is the first hearing aid designed specifically for smartphone compatibility. These devices were debuted in 2014 at a worldwide technology conference and made instant waves in the industry as well as in Portland. Hearing aids have come a long way since the advent of digital technology, and ReSound LiNX are a great example of how today’s devices have truly entered the modern technological world.

ReSound LiNX hearing aids were created out of a partnership between ReSound and Apple. These “made for iPhone” devices come in two types, each of which is available in two styles. Regular ReSound LiNX are to treat patients in Portland with hearing loss, while ReSound LiNX TS devices are specifically designed to treat tinnitus. These devices are available in micro-receiver-in-the-ear and behind-the-ear styles.

ReSound LiNX hearing aids offer quality sound and seamless Bluetooth® connectivity to most newer model iPhones, iPads, iPods and Android devices. LiNX hearing aids can stream any sound from Apple or Android devices, including phone calls, GPS directions, music, podcasts, FaceTime, Skype, video downloads and video streaming.

ReSound LiNX Hearing Aid Features

There are several noteworthy features that make ReSound devices stand out fro the crowd. These features were developed by ReSound, an international hearing aid manufacturer, to revolutionize digital hearing aid technology. ReSound LiNX’s notable features include:

  • Surround Sound by ReSound™—A technique to process sound in a way that closely matches natural hearing quality. Surround Sound controls background noise, tracks sounds and eliminates feedback and whistling.
  • Sound Shaper—This feature is specifically for Portland hearing loss patients with high-frequency impairments. It automatically delivers sounds at hard-to-hear pitches at a lower frequency to help you hear more easily.
  • Synchronized Acceptance Manager—Controls communications between your right and left devices in order to slowly reach your ideal amplification level over time. This reduces discomfort and helps patients adapt to life with hearing aids.
  • iSolate™ Nanotech Coating—This coating is a water- and dust-repellant material that completely covers every ReSound LiNX device. It repels water, earwax, dirt and other unwanted particles, resulting in durable devices. This is exceptionally helpful for Portland hearing aid wearers, who also face the task of protecting their hearing aids from the winter rain.

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