Are You Suffering from Untreated Hearing Loss?

Across America, an estimated 36 million adults are living with a hearing impairment. Despite the fact that hearing loss negatively impacts physical wellness, mental health and valued relationships, only 1 in 5 of the people across Portland with hearing loss will seek treatment for their impairment.

If you think you may be one of the millions of Americans affected by untreated hearing loss, don’t wait for your condition to worsen before seeking audiological help. This guide is designed to help you determine if you should schedule an assessment appointment to test for hearing loss with a Portland audiologist.

Most Common Signs and Symptoms of Hearing Loss

  1. You say “What?” several times a day. Across Portland, hearing loss is negatively impacting people’s relationships with their spouses, children, friends and coworkers. Since hearing impairments develop gradually, those who suffer from them will often blame others for their communication problems in person or on the phone. If you regularly mishear what people say or think others are mumbling, speaking too quietly or talking too fast, it’s time to schedule a hearing assessment at a Portland hearing loss clinic.
  2. Other people listen to the TV or radio at a quieter volume. Do you turn up the volume on the TV or radio every time you use it? Do family members, friends or coworkers often comment on how loud you listen to shows and programs? These are telltale signs that you are suffering from hearing loss and may benefit from wearing hearing aids in your Portland home or office during regular activities. If you notice this happening on a regular basis, make an appointment for a hearing evaluation with an audiologist right away.
  3. You tune out of conversations at restaurants, parties and events. For people suffering from hearing loss in Portland, situations that are noisy or create a lot of background noise can pose a major problem. Without the help of hearing aids, you may find yourself tuning out of conversations when you’re in a big group, in a noisy restaurant or in a situation where more than one person is talking at a time. Loved ones or coworkers often perceive this as being rude, inconsiderate or distant; however, hearing loss may be the only thing standing between you and great conversations with the important people in your life.

If you’re feeling alone or out of the loop amongst your family, friends or coworkers in Portland, hearing loss may be to blame. Don’t wait for the situation to get worse—call the friendly, professional audiologists at PDX ENT & Audiology Group for a fast and easy hearing assessment today!