Which Type of Hearing Aid Battery Should You Use?

Portland hearing aids come in a wide variety of styles and models. No matter what hearing devices you choose, however, one thing is certain: your hearing aids will need batteries to function. These batteries are different than other types of batteries on the market. While disposable hearing aid batteries are the most commonly used option available, rechargeable and extended-life batteries are gaining popularity amongst Portland hearing loss patients. Read on to learn more about the three major types of hearing aid batteries to help determine which one is best for you.

Zinc-Air Hearing Aid Batteries

Most hearing loss patients in Portland use disposable zinc-air batteries for their devices. These popular batteries come in five standard sizes, which are coded by color and number to simplify the replacement process. When you get your new hearing aids, your Portland audiologist will explain which type of battery you need for your devices. Common zinc-air batteries from smallest to largest are: 5 – Red, 10 – Yellow, 312 – Brown, 13 – Orange and 675 – Blue. Depending on the size of your hearing aids, their features and the length of time you use them each day, batteries can be expected to last anywhere from 5–10 days on average.

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries

Though disposable batteries are the most popular option, rechargeable hearing aid batteries are gaining favor amongst Portland hearing aid wearers. These batteries only work with a few types of hearing aids, so they may or may not be available depending on which hearing device you use. Rechargeable batteries require a bigger investment up front; however, they can reduce long-term costs and majorly cut back your environmental impact. Since hearing aids need a very specific voltage of batteries to function safely, there are only two major types of rechargeable batteries available: nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries and silver-zinc (AgZn) batteries. Both of these batteries have certain limitations, so it’s important to talk to your Portland hearing loss doctor about how the different types of rechargeable batteries would work for your individual devices and hearing needs.

Extended-Life Batteries

Lyric hearing aids are one of the latest and greatest innovations in the world of hearing aids. They are an excellent option for people in Portland with hearing loss because they truly allow you to maintain your normal, active lifestyle. Lyric hearing aids are implanted deeply within the ear canal and are worn constantly until their battery runs out in about 120 days. These extended-life batteries eliminate the worry surrounding changing your devices’ batteries once a week. This outstanding battery life comes with a high price tag, though, so it’s important to ensure Lyric hearing aids are the right choice for your lifestyle before making an investment.

Hearing aid batteries are an important consideration for anyone in Portland with hearing loss. To find out more about the advantages of each type of battery and how they will work with your devices, talk to a knowledgeable audiologist at PDX ENT & Audiology Group right away.